ConverseLAB. is part of ConverseArchitects and based in Rotterdam. We encourage students and young designers to explore emerging technologies and our role as architects in a changing world.

 Within the multi-year research program ‘House of Meaningful Places,’ we study the ‘Essence of the Home’ and how we can create spaces that contribute to the mental well-being of residents. By improving the quality and meaning of a space it naturally becomes a source of happiness. House of Dreams has emerged from a study by   Samuël Bahadoersing, focusing on the significance of bedrooms throughout history and their transformation in the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ era. This research highlights the impact of AI on our most personal thoughts and dreams.

 Our current sleep pattern dates to the 19th century, when artificial lighting permanently altered our lives. We are now on the threshold of the ‘Artificial Intelligence era’. Using electrodes and the power of AI, technology that can interpret and translate our brain patterns is being developed rapidly. We are already able to connect medical implants to the human brain enabling it to communicate with a computer through thoughts only. We also use this invention to research the possibilities to perform digital brain upgrades and even digitize thoughts.

But to what extent do our thoughts remain our own when they are uploaded to a Cloud? With House of Dreams, we answer this question with a clear statement:

Cherish your dreams.
Your Dreams are Yours
and Yours Alone.

House of Dreams shows you the bedroom of the future. A place of rest where you can close your eyes, disconnect from the virtual world and dream.  ConverseLAB. colla-borated with Futonfactorij to hand craft traditional futons, duvets and pillows using locally sourced and Dutch materials only. By using biological straw, recycled bio-cotton, sustainable sheep’s wool, buck wheat hulls, hemp linen and a heavy twill of organic and recycled jeans fabrics, we offer you the purest form of sleeping. 

During the Dutch Design Week (21-29 October 2023), feel free to take nap in our House of Dreams. Afterwards we invite you to write down your dreams in our analogue dream journal. With a pen, written on paper…